Turan Plastic
Turan Plastik bünyesinde, son kullanıcının emniyeti bizler için en yüksek önceliktir. Üretim yerimizde, BRCGS PM standartları gereğince bağımsız denetçiler tarafından gözlemlenip, değerlendirilen katı bir kalite ve hijyen yönetimi sistemi uygulanmaktadır.

Turan Plastik olarak, süt endüstrisi için kaplar üretmek üzere Türk gıda yeterlik sertifikasına sahibiz. Bizler için, yüksek seviyede hijyen farkındalığı ve hijyene önlemlerine katı bağlılık kaçınılmazdır.

All of our packaging products are suitable for use with food items. Furthermore, we guarantee that our products do not contain heavy metals and are lead-free. All our materials are recyclable.
As Turan Plastik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we are committed to complying with national and international relevant legal regulations and other requirements in our production of plastic sheets and containers for food, using PP, PP-EVOH-PP, PS, and PET materials in extrusion, thermoforming, printing, and sleeving processes, prioritizing product safety.

In line with this policy:
We ensure the conformity of all inputs related to product quality and safety to the specifications. We prevent and control physical, chemical, and microbiological contamination at all stages of the supply, production, storage, and shipping processes.

We implement systematic arrangements for healthy and reliable products, ensuring the provision of safe products that comply with defined and measurable quality parameters.

We aim to leverage technological innovations to enhance product safety in a suitable infrastructure and working environment. We are committed to adhering to product defense principles to counteract counterfeiting and adulteration, fulfilling our responsibilities towards our customers.
We utilize communication and training opportunities to ensure the provision of healthy and reliable products, promoting the conscious involvement of our employees.

We aim to ensure the suitability, development, and sustainability of the system established with a focus on human health by implementing procedures and instructions, maintaining records, and fulfilling legal requirements. We continuously evaluate and monitor customer requirements and legal obligations to improve the system continually.

We consider occupational health and safety measures and practices as an integral part of the work and production process, in accordance with legal requirements. With the conscious participation of our employees, we aim to continually improve our system.

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