"Our company was founded in 1974. We started as a small business back then, but we grew over time and became one of the leading companies in the industry today.
Since our establishment, we have adopted a customer satisfaction-oriented approach and gained the trust of our customers with our high-quality products and services."
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" We guarantee the freshness of your products!"
At TURAN PACKAGING, we place a paramount emphasis on the safety of products that come into contact with food. We operate under a stringent quality and hygiene management system, in accordance with BRCGC standards, which is independently audited and evaluated by independent assessors. Our technology, which we continually improve to adapt to modern customer demands and closely monitor evolving trends, is aimed at making your products healthier and pioneering the industry with extended shelf life.
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"Our products are 100% recyclable."
When used consciously, our environmentally conscious materials and resource-improving packaging designs help minimize your CO₂ (carbon dioxide) footprint. Our innovative product designs reduce weight and space requirements in transportation, thus contributing to fuel consumption reduction and preventing harmful emissions. Our containers are designed for optimal automated filling, making production easier, faster, energy-efficient, and less noisy.
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