Always for better

The end user's safety is the highest priority for us in Turan ambalaj. We apply a strict quality and hygiene management system in our production area in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 standards examined and assessed by independent auditors.

We have Turkish certificate of qualification to produce food containers for the dairy industry in Turan Ambalaj. For us, strict adherence to high levels of hygiene awareness and hygiene measures are inevitable.

All packaging we produce is suitable for use with foodstuffs. In addition, we guarantee that our products do not contain heavy metals and they are free from lead. All of our materials are recyclable.

With uninterrupted and continuous investments and continuous improvement,

To supply needs of our industry and the future of the people,

In the most economical and advantageous ways.

We focus on the same target with technology and innovation that we bring By giving importance to education,

in harmony with our employees and with our quality To make production with maximum hygiene measures with respect to the environment and society,

By minimizing the waste of resources in each unit,

Always under hygienic conditions and in accordance with legal regulations,

To make production by giving priority to Public health protection

Reputation in domestic and international markets With productivity and quality in line with our principles,

To maintain continuity and reliability of our products and services in universal quality and standards

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