Who are we ?
Turan ambalaj, today uses the thermoforming technologies as basic and performs activities for domestic and international markets with regards to production of plastic ayran, yoghurt, juice, margarine and detergent containers and lids with ABS, PS, PP and PVC raw materials at various sizes and volumes. Apart from these basic sectors; we also produce plastic sheets made from ABS, PS, PP, PVC raw material.

Thanks to our modern technology we have developed with the aim to adapt to the constantly evolving customer demands and direct by following trends closely we provide the highest efficiency and the highest quality products to our customers. With increased efficiency and longer shelf life of the products we are leading the industry.

Today, our company is equipped with the latest technology of our day and among leading plastic companies in Turkey under management of Yusuf Turan with more than 100 employees.

With our wide range of products and dynamic team closely following market needs and we develop, learn and offer high quality and right products to our customers so that they can deliver to their customers.
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